Dreaming whilst Awake.


I have never been much of a self portrait person, however i feel like now is the time to push my boundries and try somthing new.

Ever since i were little, people told my parents i didn't pay attention. I got behind in school because i was constantly caught staring out of windows and drawing on my notepads. My imagination has always been a vast aray of colour, snaping me from reality and taking me to places i have always longed to go.

Being called names and looking stupid always made me sad, i think back now though and i look at it differently. If i hadn't been caught up in that, who would i be? The answer is different. I wouldn't have been interested in art, i wouldn't be as understanding and compelled to try to show the world how much beauty can be found in everything. I guess i just wouldn't be who i am.

I dream whilst awake and i'll never be sorry for that, I'll never be sorry for who i am.

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