A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to the lovely city of Paris with my Nana (my mums mum) to explore galleries and exhibits. We're both Art fanatics in our own right, my Nana a painter and myself a photographer. We had the pleasure of visiting the Lourve, Palais De Tokyo, the Sacre-Coeur, Artist quarters and Paris Photo. The trip was lovely and I really enjoyed myself so I wanted to share some snaps from my iPhone.

When I look back I like to look back on the first two days as unfortunaly we were there when the awful Paris events unfolded, out of respect I felt I couldn't post photographs of the great time we had straight away as i wanted to respect the families who's loved ones didn't make it back from their holidays and night out without a scratch like I did. I also had my brand new iPhone stolen (thank goodness for iCloud and VSCO sync) on my way back to the airport by an awful human being who was still pinching people's possessions while many were in sorrow. I had to file a police report with an interpretator in between all of the caos that was happening around me and found myself (don't read the rest of this sentence if you're squeamish) spewing into a bag in a bus full of people; a mix of stress, the flu and travel sickness. I didn't get back until midnight as our flight was delayed at Gatwick due to the threat in the airport at home too. I had to remind myself that no matter the burden I was alive and well, a humbling experience.

My last night, the Friday, and the Saturday going back to the airport really made me think about what is important to me and slightly changed my perspective. It really does make you realise how we should appreciate the little things like watching the Eiffel sparkle at around 10.15pm as 11 police cars wiz past while you're blissfully walking along the river by the Lourve. Like the phone calls and messages we received from loved ones who were concerned whilst I was walking back to the hotel' moments before moaning about the pains in my feet from the long day of walking (still unaware of everything unfolding around me).
I am Truly grateful for being in the right place at the right time, for the little things like falling asleep and waking up the next day. So I guess what I'm trying to say is love and live every moment. This trip taught me about Art and Culture, but also about my gratefulness and love for life. 

Another thing I noticed, the news stations on the telly were so focussed on the sorrow, on reporting that the streets were quiet and people were hiding back at home on that Saturday morning (before national mourning was announced). What I saw was something quite different, I saw strength, I saw people getting up and out on the streets showing those terrorisers out there that nothing they do can strike them down, I saw a United city with flags at half mast out of respect. Although these Parisians were most certainly worried (I would be and I was worried on that day) they never showed an ounce of weakness. Instead kindness, strength and the ability to go on and push through fear. Something that I completely respect. 

After Christmas I'll share the rest of the snaps from my short trip away, once I've shuffled through them. For this post I really wanted to talk about the trip separately as not to dampen the mood of the first two lovely days of the trip. It ended up as probably the worst weekend I've experienced but also a beautiful trip spending quality time with one of my relatives. 

It's kind of Bittersweet to look back on, or I guess the other way around if you think about it. This isn't a sad post but rather a reflection of thoughts, a bit like a diary entry and also a celebration of all the goodness that good people, smart people and things like art and architecture bring to make a city beautiful throughout terrible times. 

I hope you'll come back for my next Paris post, I'll be sharing all the things I loved and appreciated whilst there! 

Laura x

My second love after Photography is interior design and this week i was lucky enough to get invited to visit and meet the lovely staff in India Jane's flagship Chelsea store. I was blown away by this shop, not only because of all of the beautiful eclectic homewares that are inspired by classic pieces but also because of the shopping experience. 

When you walk into the store its like walking into someones cozy home, with each nook and cranny you find yourself entering yet another well designed micro space covered in everything you need to inspire you. Almost like a real life Pinterest board. 

Christmas is right around the corner, so the store was decked out in lots of christmas goodies and i couldn't help but take lots of photos and buy some little bird themed tree ornaments (i will be featuring these in my next blog post) for my rustic themed room. 

The family owned company currently has 10 stores and a shop-able website online so i'd seriously go and check it out if you want to see many gorgeous items to tempt you to treat yourself or even a loved one!

Because this little trip was a blogger event i couldn't resist posting a photo (courtesy of India Jane) with the lovely bloggers i met on the day, it was nice to meet you ladies! 

Laura x

Christmas is fast approaching and i still haven't done any of my gift shopping - where does the time go!? I'm having a girly afternoon shopping with my Mum on Monday to get the majority of the presents i'm planning to buy. So with that in mind i've been looking online for some 'giftsperation' and thought i would share some of my favourites in case anyone else is in the same boat as i am! 

This post brings you 18 gift ideas (with links, yay) for those special women in your life. 
I've tried to cater for most budgets and personalities with the most expensive gift being £160 and the lowest price being £7.

(Ahem so basically some of these gifts are things which i wouldn't mind receiving myself bar a few which i have already received previously & thought were great gifts.)

Laura x


1. 2016 17-MONTH MEDIUM AGENDA from Kate Spade - £25

2. Glazed Apple Treat Box  From The Body Shop - £8

3. Check Scarf From H&M - £12.99

4. Sweet Apple Candle From Yankee Candle - £19.99 (Large Jar)

5. Humans of New York From UO - £20

6. FC High Impact Lips From Boots - £12

7. Rose Gold Frends Headphones Layla(small)/Taylor(Big) From Amazon - £121/£160

8. Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 printer from Amazon - £105.35

9. Beige Valentino Tote Bag (large) from Tk Maxx - £39.99

10. Festive Friends Giftset From Lush - £15

11. Glitter Phone case for iPhone 6 from OU - £20

12. Knitted Slippers From H&M - £8

13. Lisa Angel Personalised Bar Necklace From Notonthehighstreet - £29

14. Gold Monogram Mug From Anthropologie - £8

15. Real Tenchniques Core collection brush set from TK Maxx - £17

16. Reversable elephant print cushion From Primark - £7

17. Floral Print ipad Mini Case From New Look - £13

18. Soap & Glory belle of the ball GIFTset from Boots - £12

Something you may or may not know about me is that i absolutely adore fashion and fashion trends. I like to think i have a my own style as i don't usually tend to go on a purchase frenzy for all of the things everyone else is obsessing over. I try to take a pinch of something i like from one trend and then mishmash it with something else. 

As a budding photographer, my eye has always been drawn to portraiture and fashion photography, mostly because it blends two things i'm passionate about effortlessly. For that reason I've decided to come up with a series on my blog called 'The Edit'.  These posts will contain small clips and photographs of things i've been loving to wear.

For my first post, I bring you the peasant blouse. I've been wearing these for years but i recently discovered this blouse from Next in this perfect-for-autumn Mustard colour. You could wear this shirt many ways but for this look i've paired it with some Black skinny jeans, a sleeveless kimono style jacket, a tasselled necklace and some brown leather pointed shoes in a loafer style.

Blouse - Next
Sleeveless Jacket- New Look
Jeans- New Look
Necklace- Primark
Shoes- Vintage

Back at the end of August we took a trip down to Somerset to see Banksy's Dismaland but whilst we were there we thought we'd explore the area a little and enjoy the countryside. 

We ended up having a good ol' look around Weston-Super-Mare, Sands Bay, Chedder Village and the gorgeous Chedder Gorge. 

WSM has a gorgeous beach with little islands and south wales out in the distance, whilst sands bay has the same but the added view of the pretty derelict pier and sand banks that go out for what seemed like miles. 

You may recognise the term Chedder because here in England we have a popular cheese with the same name. Yep, you guessed it, the first cheddar cheeses were made in Chedder.  We actually visited the cheese factory shop to taste all of the varieties, along with the delicious chutney they also create. It was really interesting to see and read that the caves in the gorge were actually used as big refrigerators and to mature the cheese for an added flavour. Thats using nature at it's finest!

After lots of cheese and chutney tasting we couldn't resist coming away with the only Chedder cheese made in Chedder, so we left with a little red lunch box filled with ice blocks for our long journey home.

On the way home we also stopped on the side of a farmers field to see Stone Henge. To me it seemed a lot smaller in real life than it did in the pictures i'd seen previously but the mystery still remains all the same!

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