Two day Somerset getaway


Back at the end of August we took a trip down to Somerset to see Banksy's Dismaland but whilst we were there we thought we'd explore the area a little and enjoy the countryside. 

We ended up having a good ol' look around Weston-Super-Mare, Sands Bay, Chedder Village and the gorgeous Chedder Gorge. 

WSM has a gorgeous beach with little islands and south wales out in the distance, whilst sands bay has the same but the added view of the pretty derelict pier and sand banks that go out for what seemed like miles. 

You may recognise the term Chedder because here in England we have a popular cheese with the same name. Yep, you guessed it, the first cheddar cheeses were made in Chedder.  We actually visited the cheese factory shop to taste all of the varieties, along with the delicious chutney they also create. It was really interesting to see and read that the caves in the gorge were actually used as big refrigerators and to mature the cheese for an added flavour. Thats using nature at it's finest!

After lots of cheese and chutney tasting we couldn't resist coming away with the only Chedder cheese made in Chedder, so we left with a little red lunch box filled with ice blocks for our long journey home.

On the way home we also stopped on the side of a farmers field to see Stone Henge. To me it seemed a lot smaller in real life than it did in the pictures i'd seen previously but the mystery still remains all the same!

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