Meeting in the City


Sitting on the train, anticipation growing and entering the unexpected.
Travelling to a city, only approached with another before, but not alone.
Arriving at the station, entering the tube and trusting only my instincts.
For a moment i have doubts, 'i don't really know these people' circles my thoughts as i step off yet another station. I'm at kings cross, the hustle and bustle of the city thriving around me, all approaching their own destinations. Temporarially i'm lost, being reasured by an unkown voice on the phone.
'i think i'm here', i say.

Looking around i see waving and a welcoming smile, i approach and i'm smothered in hugs and love from people i never thought i'd meet. From then on in my confidence slowly grew and i came to love these people for their friendliness, like-mindedness and creativity.

Shortly after meeting we split and ventured to a secluded area in the centre of this urban jungle, some by foot, other by tube. Regent's park was blossoming with life, it seemed as though everyone had come out to enjoy their time. After exploring a little, we still couldn't seem to find the second half of our group, so constantly there were natter on the phone. 'Describe your surroundings' one would say, whilst another would look on the map, to try and discover a possible location.

Once we had finally located the others, we made our way to some beautiful gardens full of roses in a vast array of pinks, yellows, reds, whites and peaches. Claiming a small patch of grass our own, we placed our bags and took everything in. We were sitting next to a large pond with a small wooden bridge gracefully placed over the middle of it. There were children playing, weddings and mothers with prams walking by on a small stoney path.

We all eventually plucked up the courage to capture one another, whilst making use of the beauty that surrounded us. I attempted modelling, which was an experience and watched how well everyone was getting along.
I know, for sure that i was rather quiet on this day due to an overflow of shyness and without the comfort of my computer screen to hide behind. I can also tell you that despite this i feel as though i have connected with every one of these lovely people and that i will forever cherish this day.

A few hours later, followed camden. I love the diversity (not to mention the food) at the market here. I enjoyed exploring the vibrance that occoured at every twist and turn.
After shooting in some urban locations a few talked among themselves about going out for a meal, sadly i had to leave to catch my train homeward bound.
I didnt want to leave fearing that i would never see some of them again, i hugged everyone goodbye and eventually departed.
Almost a week later i sit here thinking about the time we spent together, looking through photographs which were taken and wondering what everyone is doing now. Some call the UK out home whilst others came from the likes of Norway, Austria and Germany.

My dreams have not only given me so many opportunities but also so many new friends, for this i will be forever thankful.

Without photography and social networking i would not have had the opportunity meet these people.

I wasn't able to photograph everyone but there were almost 20 of us in total.
-Flickr meet up - London 2012-

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  1. Cool post, it looks like a fun group to shoot with. Top stuff. Donald


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