Dusty Hills and Glassy Water


I always kind of wondered what it would be like to travel with my best friend.
In the midst of finishing my last year at college and taking a further step towards moving away from home and to university i was blessed with the opportunity to travel. Something which was booked so far in advance but came around so so quickly. Cyprus is such a beautiful country both in aesthetics and culture. The history, the food, the weather and the way of life are things which fascinated me when i visited. The two weeks were spent exploring with tom my best friend and partner in crime (well we're not really criminals but you know what i mean, hopefully). We took a trip into to the mountains and discovered beautiful waterfalls and villages, canoed around the coast and dived of the top of boats into crystal clear water. We dove into the history of the island and appreciated the countries natural beauty. We soaked in the suns hot beams and relaxed some days, taking a dip in the sea or the pool to cool off. 

What i enjoyed most was getting away from social media for most of the time, so much so that when i got home i didn't feel a need to log on to the internet and update the world on everything i was doing. Instead i much preferred to absorb every moment and memory and keep if for myself to enjoy. Living in the moment is a great feeling.

Spending two weeks solid with one person made me realise how much i really do appreciate every moment we spend together. I still yearn to be back in a new environment walking along small dirt tracks feeding my eyes with new sights. Learning about all the things the world has to offer. I smile at the memories of walking down tourist ridden streets looking in tacky yet exciting gift shops, visiting the beer festival and listening to new local bands. Getting stuck in the middle of the night waiting for a bus which failed to turn up when it was supposed to. Sitting in the dark talking about literally anything which came to mind. Feeling so open and free- inspired. 

The people i have to thank most for getting the opportunity for visiting such a gorgeous place are tom's parents who are so lovely and welcoming and made me feel like i was part of the family. Mostly i need to thank tom for being everything and more. Somebody filled with so much love and passion and positivity; who shares my dream of travelling and wanted us to start doing it together as soon as possible. 

Mountain top restaurant where i had lunch with tom and his family, followed by a dip in the icy cold plunge pool.

Looking over the border to the other side of the island which we later visited for the day.

Boat trips around the island and strangers which accompanied us.

Beautiful rock formations and caves which i were fascinated with.

Waiting for the bus which would take us to a tourist area of the island.
Wondering the streets, night walks along the beach and trips to take away food stops.

Adventuring to the mountains with a driver and another couple.

Breaking down but getting to enjoy the view whilst we called for another 4x4
Greek Orthodox Church in the mountains and home to the monks
Pretty waterfall hidden between rocks and trees which i stood under moments after this photo was taken. Cold would be an understatement.
Decorated tree trunk in a tiny mountain village.

Relaxing by the sea and soaking up the sunshine and fresh air.

I can't wait until our next adventure, i love you. 

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