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In this past season i travelled to berlin for a couple of days for a quick mid week getaway and had such a lovely time. I couldn't resist posting a bit of a photo diary as we did so much over those few days!

I definitely recommend checking these things out if you're in the area or planning a city break away.

Checkpoint Charlie - the photos above were taken from the warmth of a Starbucks near by but this place is worth a look if you're a bit of a history lover like me. The museum is a little pricey (there is a discount for students with ID) but well worth it because of the amount of information that it contains. You could spend all day looking in there with all of the films and writing on the walls. Naturally being into photography and studying it, i was very interested in the photographs. I found learning about the escapees from the east side and how they escaped the most engaging. 

Stadtmitte - This is where we stayed and i would totally suggest considering booking a hotel here. Its right in the centre of the city but the back streets are quite enough to enjoy a good nights rest. I stayed at the Titanic Comfort Hotel which was just around the corner from the Metro and also a 10 minute walk to nearest supermarket. We stayed 'Room Only' and ate out most nights. The hotel is very clean and affordable and the rooms are quaint but cosy and well designed. 

Tiergarten and the Brandenburg Gate- We walked from one end of the Tiergarten all the way to the Brandenburg gate. It was a great walk with lots to see on either side of the road. We topped at the monument half way down, visited the museum at the base and climbed up to the top to see some great views of the surrounding area, including the Gate. It was a little chilly for us but i can't imagine how lovely it'll be in warmer weather when there are leaves on the trees. We even met Tim busking on an under path, he was really talented and gave of great vibes.

Parks- Berlin has some of the most wonderful parks, they're full of nature and greenery which you wouldn't normally expect from being in a city. If you're visiting in the summer they're extra special, i've heard that you'll find families cooking BBQ's and soaking up the sun whenever they can.

Berlin TV Tower - I'm a little scared of heights but the views from up here were incredible, especially as the sun began to set and everything was given a soft glow. Above the viewing platform there is also a revolving restaurant which would be perfect for a nice meal. I can't imagine how nice the views are in the evening with all of the city light twinkling below.

Potsdamerplatz and the WWII memorial - walking around here and in between the light concrete slabs it made the past a lot more real for me. The huge consequences and the lives lost during the war are almost unthinkable, we learn about it at school and in history book but when there it really sinks in. It was great to go and pay resepects and think about those who lost their lives.

Berlin Wall - The art on these walls are a must see if you're into art and its free so thats a definite plus. Something once so ugly has been turned into a showcase of art for people to enjoy and also remember the past. Most of the pieces on the wall are reflective of the time the wall was up and so gives you an informed visual insight into the artists views of the past.

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  1. Lovely photos!! I really liked Berlin the last time I went there and hope that I'll be able to visit again. I missed out a few places that you mentioned though, will have to see those next time!


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