On the 29th October Tom and I visited out first pumpkin patch for some festive pumpkin picking. Foxes farm have two locations in Essex, Basildon and Colchester so we decided to go and take a little look. The field was full of pumpkins for us to rummage around in and pick our perfect bunch, there was a corn maze with facts as well as a little coffee stand for a warming drink. 

We had a lovely time and the mood was lovely seeing couples, families and friends running around the fields just in time to carve there pumpkins for halloween or make some autumnal treats! We were there for about an hour and came away with three imperfectly perfect pumpkins. The best part was the money went to a Cancer charity, so we had a great time and helped a worthy cause too. 

There were so many different types of pumpkin that you wouldn't normally find in your local supermarket, from red ones to white ones, to smooth ones to knobbly ones. I'd definitely recommend visiting your local patch next year! I know we'll definitely be back again in 2017 :) 

Reminiscent summer
(scribbles that memorise summer)

Sweltering un and soothing breeze, 
washed out landscapes and deep blue seas,
unfamiliar foliage, palm trees,
coconut milk and ice cream,
sunset walks and precious rocks,
chapel hills and big yachts,
cliff jumpers and scuba divers,
super moons and blue lagoons.

New food,
smiling faces,
reminiscent places.

Our trip to cyprus 2016.

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