I'm not quite sure why i never got around to posting many of these photo's a while ago. These were some photographs i took on my travels to Spain last year (October), I stayed with J's grandma for 6 days. We're visiting again in July (4 weeks) so it will be lovely to see the difference between when i went in the autumn and when i go in the summer.
Where we visit isn't really a touristy area and so i get to experience the real culture and not just the 'good' bits. I like the nitty gritty and all the 'behind the scenes' that tourists don't usually get to experience and see. I can't wait to get travelling again. It's one of my most favorite feelings, adventure.

Cheesy couple photograph because i love him so much; Oh and excuse the hair in my eye...

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  1. love the one of the tree roots! x

  2. I think this is all the more beautiful than the touristy side just for its honesty!! :) x

  3. Beautiful photos.
    Have a nice day (: ♥


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