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Instagram has become a huge part of my life acting as an online visual diary from my phone over the last year, i though i would share some of these photo's with you and give you a little bit more of an insight into my life from day to day captures through my iPhone.

On the road to the mountains:
Unwell days spent at home:

Trips to the seaside & the sun setting over the waterfront:

Natives in Chelmsford:
Fortune from a cookie:
Spain with J:

Staying with a friend that i hadn't seen for years in the south west:
 V festival: 

Turkey with my parents and brother:

Summer diary which i sent to a pen pal: 
University visits:

Trips to the city:

Shooting on the beach: 

Newly decorated living room and tapestry from China:

My first photo in a shop window on Colchester high street:

Inspiration on my bedroom wall:
Looking through photographs of my mama when she were young: 

First snowfall of the winter:

Watercolour self portrait:

Natural history museum, inside and out:

 Christmas day:

 Last sunset captured in 2012:

This is just a small selection of my images taken in 2012, to see more or follow me search @carnivalforsouls
Best wishes for 2013 and Happy new year,
L x

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