Back in November i got the opportunity to travel to Paris (France) with my college to explore the city and look at artwork in various galleries. We also visited 'Paris Photo' which was such a lovely event and i truly felt inspired after leaving each and every gallery/exhibition. While we were there we also roamed the streets at night, visited the Eiffel tower and walked around a Christmas market. I met other art/photography students from my college which i would have never met or spoken to otherwise, everyone got along and it was such a nice environment to be in. If you've traveled to Paris before you'll be aware of the glorious architecture around and if you've looked hard enough the unique city culture. A few people have said they were never really fond of the city, although i really loved it and would defiantly go again for a much longer period to explore some more. 

(The youth hostel had the prettiest architecture and painted murals on the walls)

I also took photographs using some disposable camera's which i'll be posting at a later date :)

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  1. Oh my dear.. i love Paris. Btw nice picture.


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