Rethymnon, Crete


I've been home from my trip to crete for just over a week now and there really is so much i want to share and say but at the same time i'd like to keep it all for myself to remember blissfully and joyfully. 

For the first time i travelled completely alone with my best friend, Parents and Siblings completely out of the picture. Even though i've technically been an adult for over a year now i still never feel quite that old (not really old but you know what i mean) and when we decided to plan, save and book this trip alone i think that was the realisation that actually anything is possible. With a little bit of money by our side we're free to do anything that our heart desires.  

When we arrived we were greeted by the owners of the apartments we were staying in, a man named Kostas and his son Niko. After a complimentary drink at the bar and a quick chat at 2am we were shown to our apartment. Travelling on a budget we weren't quite sure what to expect, although we weren't too fussed because we'd be out exploring most of the time. We were taken down to the lower floor to newly refurbished studio and a patio surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants, something that i think neither of us expected. 

Waking up the next day after catching up with sleep we met Steph who was the cook at the pool bar/cafe and ordered a Bacon bap and the best Orange juice i had ever tasted, even better that it had just come from the oranges that were sitting in a large bowl on the side. After a late breakfast we went for a walk and adventured around the area. We found the bus stops, mini markets and beach in the hazy sunshine. The sea was furious this day, the waves crashing on the shore taller than the both of us. 

The rest of the week followed by visiting various restaurants and cafes, trying the local Cuisine(Pita Gyros and grilled feta are the best!). Riding Bikes along the coastal road into Rethymnon town and back the the opposite way into the outskirts and into the open coastline. Adventuring the Narrow winding Venetian streets, harbour and visiting little boutiques and shops. Relaxing on the beach, jumping waves, soaking up the suns rays and playing volleyball in the pool in the late afternoons and early evenings.

One of my favourite parts about going abroad was getting away from the internet and social media. I've always felt that life can get so caught up living online through social media, sharing with the world what you're doing as it happens, scrolling through a newsfeed, seeing what everyone else is doing and not really living your own life in the moment and enjoying little things as they happen. Nobody has to know what a great time you're having while you're having a great time, it can wait for conversations with friends when you come back or when you next see them. 
I feel like i was able to relax a little bit more, enjoy myself a bit more, notice things that i might not have if my eyes were focused on a screen and i feel i have more vivid memories of moments i might not have if i were too busy trying to choose the filter on my photo for my next Instagram update. I realised you don't need the internet if you're willing to live in the moment a little more, and that being said i enjoyed it so much. I was even a little hesitant to check my social media when i got back home. 

Another thing i didn't really do very much was take photographs with my 'Big' camera, actually i only took it out with me on one day, visiting Rethymnon, and the photos you see here are the ones i took and were quite fond of. Everything else was a snapshot taken on my phone or with my Instax. 

I don't want to make this post never ending but getting away from everything after a year of hard work at university was perfect and i couldn't fault this week one bit, perfect in its own little way. Also thank you to Tom for being an absolute star, for being my best friend, love and for coming away with me. I hope we can go on another little adventure away again soon!

More photos from my Phone and Instax to come in a little photo post soon,
Love Laura :)

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  1. This sounds like a perfect vacation *_*
    I love your photography, wish you all the best in your studies <3

    "Nobody has to know what a great time you're having while you're having a great time, it can wait for conversations with friends when you come back or when you next see them. "
    I couldn't agree more.


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