The Christmas market time of the year - Berlin


Two weeks ago myself and Tom went for a short break to the German capital of Berlin. Apart from desperatley wanting to explore again i also really wanted Tom to experince one of my favourite things about Christmas time; Christmas markets. I've been lucky enough to visit many over the last few years in London, Paris and Austria so i know what they're all about and how much fun they can be, enjoying delicious food and buying last minute decorations and gifts. I jumped at the opportunity when i saw some shockingly well priced flights back in September and from then on we counted down the days until the 8th of December, it all added a little more to the excitement that takes hold at this time of the year. We were in Berlin for four nights and visited a market every evening, and with that being said i couldn't quite resist taking a few snaps to show how lovely they can be.

I would definitely recommend visiting a Christmas market if you haven't already, at least once, just for the experience. We delved into roasted Chestnuts, Mulled Wine and some very yummy Nachensteak for dinner. As well as exploring all of the independent stalls and pretty festive decorations. 

If you ever decide to visit a market abroad, i'd definitley recommend doing some research and finding the traditional markets where you are staying as some can be quite tourist based in the cities and i feel if you want the cultural experience the traditional markets are where you'll find that. Oh and don't forget to wrap up cosy and warm!

Lots more photos to come from this adventure soon,
I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas with all of your Loved ones,
Love Laura <3

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