Königssee Nature Park, Germany


Just before christmas i joined my family for a road trip away to our favourite little town in the Austrian Alps for a week skiing. As you can probably recall we had a very mild December and so there was only a little snow to allow us to put our skis on. For that reason we split up our days and took many little trips around the surrounding areas to see some other sights. We were an hour from The Germany-Austria boarder and an hour and a half from Königssee so we decided to visit. I am so so glad we did, it was one of the most gorgeous sights i have seen in quite a while and its a shame we didn't have more time as i would have loved to trek the mountain trails or take a boat trip across the water (maybe next time!). The lake was as flat as glass and had a lovely deep blue hue to it that was absolutely dreamy. The sun was shining low through the trees illuminating the remaining leaves a lovely burnt orange. It really was a sight i have trouble describing. It was one of those places that makes the pit of your tummy tingle with happiness and was truly breathtaking to me. I hope these photographs do this wonderful place justice and that maybe it gives you some inspiration to visit. Bavaria really is a stunning part of Germany and there are many places there that make my eyes shine with inspiration.

My beautiful mum & I

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