Looking out of the Window (The reason why I need to put down my phone)


Whilst putting this post together i was collecting photographed moments from my trip to Austria. As i was sorting through there was something i noticed. Whilst i were away i had been capturing some gorgeous sights through the car window. This is something i rarely do as a passenger at home. The reason? I'm too damn connected to my phone. Instead of looking out for pretty sights i'm too busy looking at pretty things others have captured and posted on Instagram; or reading other people's social updates.

 Now i'm not saying that staying connected is a bad thing, but I've realised i'm much more aware when i take a break from the screen of my device, and with that comes being much more appreciative of my surroundings. 

After all theres nothing better than sitting in the back seat with my favourite artists making music in my ear whilst i stare out the window contemplating life. 

My internet access was limited whilst i were there as data roaming costs an arm and a leg and Wifi isn't available on the road and up on the mountain tops. It was honestly nice to have a break during the day and to occupy myself with other things like walking, skiing, people watching and exploring. You don't realise that sometimes that a sight like the Instagram photograph that you're musing over could be right in front of you, if you just put your phone down for a second and look around. 

Since coming home I've done little things like turn off all the notifications on my phone to stop distractions. That way i'll be more in control of my phone and my phone a little less in control of distracting me. I've come to the conclusion that this year i'm going to start decluttering my technology addicted self and cut down on the amount of time i'm spending looking at the screen whilst I'm out and about. I don't want to risk missing something amazing for the device in my pocket.

Thus the rest if this post brings some of the gorgeous little moments I'm so grateful i didn't miss, the possibilities and the opportunities i had to see something a heck of a lot more special than my screen.

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