March Favourites 2016


With March nearing an end and the blossoming of Springtime, i thought i'd talk about some of my recent favourites.

1. Frends Taylor Headphones 
Nothing beats a good jamming session to your favourite tunes whilst on the go or doing your daily activities. I've been using my Rose Gold Taylor headphones whilst studying for my last year at university, they're great for blocking out sound as they're nice and big but they also produce great quality sound. I've found it easy to sling them in my bag as they also come with a hand carry case!

2. How to Get Dressed by Alison Freer
How to get dressed was one of those books i saw on offer online and thought, why not? i've never really taken too much interested in self help fashion books as i've preferred to experiment with my wardrobe on my own. HOWEVER, this book is a little bit of a life saver. It's full of tips and tricks into making the most of your wardrobe and how to solve problems if they arise. From tailoring to tucking and everything in between, this book is worth a read.

3. Rimmel 60 Seconds - Mary Mary Quite Contrary
A gorgeous sing shade if you want to wear white polish but it doesn't suit you. White polish has never looked good on me because of my skin tone so i've had to find alternatives. This shade is a very light lavender colour that looks an almost off white/grey colour. Whats also good about this polish is it dries so quickly if you're a little impatient and prone to smudging like me.

4. Quay Australia
Quay has become quite the bloggers hype over the last year and i have fallen into the trap of falling in love with a lot of their sunnies. Although i love them its taken me this long to find my perfect pair but i'm so glad i waited. The shades i picked up are called Cherry Bomb. They're a Rose Gold frame with Rose Gold and Rose tint reflective lenses. They go with every outfit in my wardrobe and so they've become my go-to.

5. Dark red lips
Although spring is coming i'm finding myself drawn to dark reds to contrast my lighter spring outfits. The shade I've been wearing a lot recently is Earthy Plum by Avon Cosmetics but really i have a real mix of dark shades, some are more 90s vamp even!

6. Clinique Long last Glosswear SPF 15 - Air Kiss
When i'm not into wearing lipstick and am wanting something a little more toned down i've been drawn to subtle lip gloss. This shade by Clinique is a very light peachy pink colour that gives you a subtle boost in the lip department.

7. Radley London
I've known about Radley for quite some time however its only recently though i've found that they've upped their game big time and have been releasing gorgeous handbags. I stopped in for a little browse easter weekend and found myself drawn to this lovely tope-y grey shoulder bag, as a student i'm very careful with my pennies so i was about to walk out the door when my boyfriend started dragging me to the till and kindly purchased it for me as a pre early birthday gift. I can't wait to rock this throughout the Spring summer season. Its big enough to fit all of my essentials in but small and compact which is perfect for when you just want to pop out the door in the warmer weather.

What've you been loving this month?

Laura x

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